Temperature Controlled
Same-Day delivery
Dual Temperature controlled 24hr dedicated deliveries

Temperature Controlled Courier Service - Chilled, Frozen or Dual Temperature

Links courier provides a dedicated temperature controlled courier service for items that need to be kept at a certain temperature whilst in transit. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest temperature monitoring systems. We offer a chilled, frozen or dual temperature solution.

Overnight Standby Refrigeration.

We offer an overnight standby refrigerated delivery service that caters up to four pallets that will keep your items at the right temperature without the van being in transit. This allows us to cater for crossings into Europe, all day festivals, catering events or deliveries which may require the vehicle to be stationary.

Temperature Print Outs, Dated and Timed

We provide a temperature print out dated and timed at both ends with a proof of delivery signature on all your deliveries. When using a professional delivery service, you want to know that your items have been delivered safely, securely, and on time; it’s no different with temperature controlled delivery.

We guarantee that your items are kept at the exact temperature required, even when not in transit. We also offer CCTV monitored delivery services and urgent next day delivery.

For more information on our temperature controlled courier service, contact us here. We’d love to help!