About Us

Our Vision & Commitment

Established in 2011, Links Courier continues to put the customer at the heart of what we do, we value your experience with us and strive to ensure that we continue to offer services that are flexible and reliable

Links Courier Services have grown from London to provide nationwide coverage of the UK, Europe adding international courier services, and continue to invest in state of the art innovative technologies and services to enhance the customer experience and streamline operations.

Our Team

We couldn’t do what we do without the passion, professionalism and dedication of our Links team, we continually invest in training and accreditations to ensure we continue to provide a great & speedy service to our customers whilst ensuring our team is constantly updated on the latest changes in health & safety as part of our ongoing commitment to them. We source couriers carefully and review their experience, background, utilising third-party independent partners "licence Bureau" to monitor driving history and current status. All of our couriers undergo CRB checks and have basic PPE such as high visibility clothing and safety boots.

The Links Courier team is highly trained and have specialist knowledge in the handling transportation and delivery of hazardous and temperature controlled goods safely, we are unique amongst the UK Courier Companies in offering tailored services to clients who have complex service requests to ensure its in-line with their policy and requirements.

Please contact us for more information on our tailored 24 hour International Courier Services or make a booking now.

Our Fleet

Links Courier Services have a range of vehicles and vans designed to suit your needs, From the smallest van to large vans, Luton 3.5ton curtain siders and temperature controlled vans, we can cater to every individual customer and delivery requirements. We take our obligations to the environment very seriously and as part of our corporate social responsibility we continue to invest in the latest technology to ensure that we minimise our carbon footprint as a courier company. As such we have recently made investments in replacing our fleet and can provide vehicles for consignments that need specific conditions such as temperature controlled or high value deliveries that require extra security with CCTV live recording for peace of mind.

Getting Your Delivery On The Road Safely

The right vehicle will depend on the size, weight and value of delivery. Secure packing is incredibly important, no matter what the delivery sizes in your consignment, and if the contents are worth more than £1000 remember to let us know when you book.

For more information on Links International Courier Services, contact us. or make a booking now.